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Are You Ready For An Emergency? 

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Here are some of our most popular items. We offer survival packs and first aid kits that contain an amount of items to accommodate 1-4 people.

Superior Emergency Backpack



Ultimate First Aid Kit

Shelter & Rain Gear

Extra Food, Water & Filteration System

Knife & Multipurpose Tools

Navigating & Signaling Tools

Fire Starter Tools

Extra Straps to Attach Items

Customer Reviews

"I used this backpack while camping and it was great. The water filter worked perfectly where we didn't need to open the cans. I'm sure during a real emergency this will help stay alive. Good investment to make. The backpack even has room to add a few personal items."

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Menva M.    5/22/2019

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"I went to one of the orientation for the emergency bag. I was shocked to see how many items fit in the backpack. Tamar spent her time informing us about each product and showing us how to use it properly. I thought I was prepared for an emergency but after seeing the demo I realized none of my stuff would last and invested in backpack. I want to be prepared when an emergency happens. Thank you."

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Meghedi H.    5/21/2019

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"STAY ALIVE  is exactly what this backpack will help you and your family in an  unexpected disaster/situation. Do yourself a favor and put away your Mickey Mouse First aid kit and invest in the REAL thing! This backpack will exceed your expectations. Packaged nicely with so much information inside.
The IG and website has tons of demos/ quiz where you can learn some cool tricks. Best investment EVER! I feel good knowing I'm ready for whatever may happen! STAY ALIVE!"

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Ankeen T.    10/28/2018

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"Thank you CrazyRussianHacker for introducing this gem of a company to me!! I saw this backpack on YouTube and had to look more into it. So I did and I compared it to a few that I had been considering for my family and I and StayAlive backpack blew the competition out of the water. Placed an order online and got my very own survival pack delivered to my door steps just a few days ago!! I love this thing!! It has absolutely everything one could need in case of an emergency. I'm obsessed. I must've taken everything in and out of the bag at least 3 times and each time I see something new. Great quality. I highly recommend this!!"

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Olivia K.    10/17/2018

Laura A.    10/18/2018

I came across this product through recommendations from friends.  I bought the Ultimate Emergency Backpack and I love it so much.  I know very little about survival stuff so I was really happy to buy a backpack that is put together so well.  You can tell the founder really cares about informing others.  The backpack came with a guidebook on what is in the backpack and basic survival skills too.  I also follow the Stay Alive Instagram (@stayalivepack) page and she's always posting informative statistics and demonstrations.  AND, she even has presentations where she shows people everything in the backpack and how they work for free!  I went to one and it was awesome.  I feel much more knowledgeable and prepared than I did before, and that gives me a sense of peace and security that you can't get from other cheaper products.

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Jessica M.    10/17/2018

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"I bought the Ultimate First Aid Pack and loved it! I work at a school and the first aid I was originally provided with was extremely inadequate. I decided to purchase my own and I have no regrets. I've already used some of the items in here. I'd definitely recommend this product!"

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