Our MINI first aid kit. This means you can take it anywhere from home, car, purse, backpack, hiking, car or even at work! It has essential first aid items in addition couldnt leave you without an emergency blanket, lighter and whistle to make you feel even more safe. Here's what its packed with: 



Ibuprofen: (Qty. 4 tablets)

Aspirin: (Qty. 4 tablets)

Non-aspirin: (Qty. 4 tablets)

Benadryl: (Qty. 2 tablets)



Burn Gel + First Aid: (Qty. 2 packets)

Hydrocortisone Cream 1%: (Qty. 2 packets)

Triple Antibiotic Ointment: (Qty. 2 packets)


Wound Care: 

Alcohol Pads: (Qty. 8)

Antiseptic BZK Towelettes: (Qty. 6)

Sterile Non-Adhesive Pads: (Qty. 2)

White tape: (Qty. 1)

Exam Glove: (Qty. 2)

Cotton Swabs: (Qty. 5 half)

Bandages: (Qty. 15)


Additional Items: 

Scissors: (Qty. 1)

Tweezers: (Qty. 1)

Nextemp: (Qty. 2)

Safety Pin: (Qty. 1)

Emergency Rescue Blanket: (Qty. 1)

Ligher: (Qty. 1)

Whistle: (Qty. 1)

Mini First-Aid Kit

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